The AEFMP aim

Considering that AEFMP includes European States directly impacted by the SES regulation or African States, potentially affected by the regulation throught bilateral State agreements and since all States are equally affected by the ICAO GANP ASBU framework, AEFMP aims to support a smooth and efficient convergence of its members' capabilities among the international ATM performance frameworks and the convergence of their objectives.

Favored by the integration of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in ICAO EUR region in 2012 and the progressive and necessary consideration of their airspaces and air traffic flows by European entities such as Eurocontrol or EASA, the relevance of the cooperation carried out in the AEFMP becomes more and more obvious day after day, together with the efficiency of AEFMP action.


Harmonization, integration and optimization are the most suitable words to define AEFMP targets.

From an overall point of view, the objective of the AEFMP is today to cope with an increasing demand of capacity in a safe, economic, expeditious and organized environment supported by the provision of CNS/ATM services adapted to the airspace users in the AEFMP area.

AEFMP seeks to improve several air traffic management areas such as safety, capacity, cost effectiveness and environment and to fulfil its international liabilities and commitments of its members.


Why Harmonization? 

Because through the AEFMP comparable performance levels are established. These levels are achieved by promoting common compatible standards, specifications and procedures between its states.

Why Integration? 

Because the AEFMP seeks to enhance the AEFMP operational unity. This is essential to increase confidence among airspace users.

Why Optimization? 

Because technical optimization is essential for providing airspace users with systems aimed at continuously improving performance levels through synchronized interoperable technology deployment.


How ?

Its main objectives, in order to reach the AEFMP goals, are:

  • coordinate and cooperate in order to line up technical/operational facilitators through the harmonization and optimization of their deployment calendars
  • Optimize traffic flows in AEFMP area.
  •  Interconnect ATM systems and data sharing between them.
  • Promote the use of more interoperable systems,

  • Share knowledge and skills on emerging and highly evolving concepts such as, but not limited to, ATM performance, Performance Based Navigation, GNSS, …


Finally, we would like to attract the attention on the environmental aspects as part of work of AEFMP working structures for harmonious development of air transportation which will contribute to enhance the preservation of our planet under the banner of sustainability.