WAC 2019: AEFMP receives a Special Mention for "Cooperation"


On March 12, 2019 during the World ATM Congress in Madrid, AEFMP actions have been rewarded by European Commission through a Special Mention in the category “Cooperation” of the Single European Sky Awards.

Honoured by such recognition of the work done, Mr Nuno Simoes, Director of the Strategy, Planning & External Affairs Office of NAV Portugal representing AEFMP on behalf of Mr Samir Berrakhla, CEO of ONDA and AEFMP chairman in 2019, commented: "Harmonization, Integration and Optimization are the most suitable words to define our common AEFMP objectives. AEFMP is definitely an inclusive regional framework for cooperation in the field of air navigation, established 17 years ago with 3 Europeans countries (France, Portugal and Spain) and 2 North Africans countries (Algeria, Morocco), and extended to Tunisia in  2018.”

The AEFMP representative added: “Today, AEFMP members have achieved a long way, a lot has been done, but this prize will for sure give the whole of us a new and strong motivation to reinforce and extend our cooperation actions.”

This award is obviously a great achievement for all these years of cooperation conducted not only by the current AEFMP collaborators which regularly give their time and energy for a common benefit, but by all those who have at any moment accompanied AEFMP from EFP to its current status of international recognition.

It is dedicated to all the operational actors of OPS and TECH working subgroups as well as the contributors of AEFMP Working Group and Steering Committee.

Of course, as this would not have been possible without the support of the signatories States of the AEFMP Memorandum of Understanding, all the AEFMP ANSPs community is proud to share this distinction with them

Finally, this Special Mention granted to AEFMP must be a strong occasion to reaffirm that the sole purpose of all these cooperation actions is the safe, orderly and expeditious Air Traffic for an improved passenger experience.


The opening

Presentation of 2019 SES awards

On stage

Proud to receive this Special Mention

The Special Mention