AEFMP conducted a GNSS workshop with EC and ESSP


In response to the wishes of AEFMP ANSPs and in compliance with SC decision 13/02, an AEFMP GNSS workshop was held on June 21st and 22nd, 2018 in Toulouse ENAC and ESSP premises. This workshop involved some 11 experts from the 6 ANSPs together with ESSP and EC representatives.

The workshop was appreciated by the attendance, rich in presentations as witnesses the documents uploaded in the AEFMP website, rich also in side discussions between EC, ESSP and individual southern ANSPs in relation with the proposals of EWA (ESSP Working Agreements).

Conclusions of the GNSS report were approved by AEFMP SC#17 (01/2019):

1 / Help the States (CCAs) in the decision-making process

2 / Set a Task Force for GNSS implementation
  o     Accompanying ENNA, ONDA and OACA in the use of EGNOS
  o     Monitoring the evolution of the use of EGNOS


Such GNSS Task force, whose members have been identified by WG #34 will be led by ONDA, having accepted to fulfil the role.

ToRs will be included in the AEFMP MoU.