Coordination Activities


The existence of a permanent AEFMP working arrangement structure allows the coordination in broader regional initiatives.

The Blue Paper, elaborated by the Euro-Mediterranean Transport Forum, recommended to the First Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Transport Ministers (Marrakech, 15 December 2005) to support the Joint AEFMP Plan. At the time, the European Commission recognised the value of the Joint AEFMP Plan, considering this structure as an ideal enabler for the SES implementation in the Mediterranean area.

The AEFMP group developed several actions together with the EUROMED program(1) (e.g. in 2014; ATM data communications courses were funded, and the AEFMP group presented in a EUROMED workshop it’s inter-ANSP Memorandum of Cooperation for data and services sharing).

In 2015, and in line with its objective to develop the EU technical cooperation with the AEFMP North-African partners, AEFMP answered positively to an invitation of "Groupe des ministres des Transports de la Mediterrannée Occidentale", GTMO5+5 (Group of Transport ministers from Western Mediterranean).


AEFMP also favors the sharing of knowledge through various initiatives as, for example:

Memoranda of Cooperation:

  • Presentation of AEFMP-born Memorandum of Cooperation for the sharing of services and facilities to Euromed countries in the context of WAC 2014.


  • Organisation of a workshop on Performance for AEFMP ANSPs in the context of WAC 2017.


  • Organisation of a workshop on GNSS for AEFMP ANSPs in June 2018


  • Presentation of Air Navigation Systems, Vulnerabilities and global security of the ANS/ATM system in the context of the Interregional ECAC-AFCAC-ACAO meeting about "Innovation and Cybersecurity (29-30/01/2020)



(1) The EUROMED Aviation Programme, a European Commission initiative launched as a consequence of the Marrakech Conference included among its terms of reference the duty of supporting the Joint AEFMP Plan.