The Office de l’Aviation Civile et des Aéroports is a public establishment in charge with:

  • Airports operation, arrangement and development as well as providing passengers, public, aircraft, air freight and air mail with all operations and necessary services in the airports.
  • The area control, local control and the contribution and the execution of search and rescue plans.

Providing air navigation services (ATS, CNS, AIS) through one area control centre, 09 international airports and domestic aerodromes is one of the main missions of OACA. In addition, OACA is also the manager of the 07 international airports.

The Area Control Centre is located in Tunis city next to Tunis Carthage airport and to the OACA headquarters.

In order to provide the air navigation services, OACA has a considerable array of equipment and technical facilities (radar, radio, communication stations and NAV AIDS) in several points of Tunisia.

The Air Traffic Management System in Tunis ACC and major Tunisian airports has been of crucial importance in keeping OACA in the forefront of air navigation service. The ATM system has been implemented in 1997 (Northrop Grumman) then replaced in 2014 (Indra Sistemas).


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