AEFMP Achievements


During the life of the AEFMP, in order to get the objectives of harmonization, optimization and integration of Air Traffic Systems (ATS), the following achievements have been reached:


Operational achievements


  • Regional design and implementation of airspace and aeronautical route network.
  • Enhance ATS safety and efficiency through early coordination of airspace structure and resectorisation.

Working Methods:

  • Increase of capacity by reducing radar separation minima and implementing RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum). E.g. successful RSVM implantation in Morocco and Algeria.
  • Smooth and easy operational implementation of RVSM within the AEFMP area.
  • Sharing of experience on working methods and human resources.

System Support:

  • Efficient use of existing technical means and identification of operational requirements for future evolution at regional level.


  • Interchange of information and global awareness of ATFM (Air Traffic Flow Management) situation in the area.


  • Experience sharing on safety matters. Establishment of a contact list to enable cross border safety events analysis.


Technical achievements


  • Voice:
    • Increase of cost efficiency, flexibility and availability of Voice Communications.
    • Improved radio coverage by sharing facilities.
    • Increase of availability and cost reduction in communications through AEFMP TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) network.
  • Data:
    • Increase of cost efficiency, flexibility and availability of Data Communications.
    • Improvement of security and availability of Aeronautical Messaging Network through the implementation of new and secured links.
  • ANS/Telecom:
    • Identification of quality concerns of telecommunication circuits between countries and agreement on coordinated action to cater for them.
    • Elimination of single points of failure in the AEFMP leased lines network.


  • Increase safety and efficiency of ATS through radar data exchange.
  • Accommodation of standards and technology developments.