AEFMP Activities


The AEFMP group national activities are aligned with the international framework of the air navigation plans, e.g. the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) and the European Union Single European Sky (SES) initiatives, when relevant.


For the AEFMP work program execution, monitoring and control, the AEFMP working structures regularly track the work program which includes the major activities, responsible and deadlines to be addressed by the sub working groups and ad-hoc task forces, based on the different institutional initiatives (SES, EUROMED, ICAO, ...) that affect the AEFMP and additional ones steaming from particular internal needs to the AEFMP members.


The AEFMP work program activities consider the following multilateral objectives:

  •  Coordinate and collaborate on the operational and technical enablers;
  • Harmonise the deployment timeline of the operational and technical enablers;
  • Push towards more interoperable systems.


The AEFMP work program has defined actions to:

  •  Optimise the traffic flows across the AEFMP area;
  • Interconnect ATM systems, share facilities, and share data across the AEFMP systems.